Outfit || In The Book of Jenesis 

My people! How body? Was tempted to start this post with something along the lines of  “In the beginning….” but decided instead to use my first Pidgin English intro ever on the blog. New Year, new system or wah! Lol. Oh my,  how much I’ve missed this space.  This is officially my first post this year. Is it too late to […]

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2016 Style Recap: My Top 11 Favourite Looks

Oh wow! What a lovely year it’s been here on this blog and you guys totally made it so. Thank you or reading, liking, commenting, subscribing and sharing. Y’all made my 2016 awesome! 🙂 It’s been absolutely beautiful sharing my style with you guys all through the year and to cap it all off I decided to share my favourite looks this […]

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With Love From My Sisters

Hey sweethearts! I feel so mushy mushy today and I’m so happy to be gisting with you guys! Don’t ask. I can’t explaineeet either! Lol. Anyway, How’re y’all doing? I’m at the hairstylist’s and thought to share this look real quick which came together totally unplanned.

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Off With The Sleeves


Hey darlings… Enjoying your weekend, I hope? This is the most restful weekend I’ve had in a long time and I’m just super stoked for the new week. I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with Romwe in bringing you guys this post and when I had to choose a piece, all the common sense arrows in my head kept […]

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The Chairlady

Literally. Lol. Hey yo! How’s y’all doing? Thought to share my take on the boyfriend-shirt trend (is it still a trend if it’s been around for years?) with you guys today. This shirt actually used to belong to my boyfriend (now ex). I puppy-faced him (yes, that’s a thing) into giving it to me and here we are. #PowerToThePuppyFace 😀

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