Off With The Sleeves



Hey darlings…

Enjoying your weekend, I hope? This is the most restful weekend I’ve had in a long time and I’m just super stoked for the new week.

I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with Romwe in bringing you guys this post and when I had to choose a piece, all the common sense arrows in my head kept pointing at this sleeveless striped number; despite all the other pretty pieces that were calling to me. I’m not sure what the heat is like in other Nigerian states but if you live in Lagos, I’m sure you’d have experienced a level of brain-melting heat that’d make you want to throw out any piece of clothing you own that’s got sleeves. And that people, is my current state of mind. So much that I wore sleeveless pieces to work four out of 5 times this past week. I just hid my bare shoulders under accessories and my hair. And just to be on the “safe”, I always had a shawl handy because the weather these days can be very confused.

Speaking of, look who recently joined the big hair gang? πŸ˜€ I was getting terribly bored of my braids-short hair routine and decided to switch things up. Do you guys like?

I may feel most comfortable in a pair of jeans but I can’t deny how pretty and put-together dresses like this make me feel.Β  You can get the dress on sale here for just $11.99. I’m loving the colour scheme of the entire look which I must confess, came together quite unintentionally.

Is it weird that I feel like taking myself on a date in this dress?

The rest of the outfit (except my shoes) are beloved oldies that have yet to fail me. The belt made it’s debut on the blog when I wore it with a top and a zebra print skirt and the purse in this mixed-prints experiment. My shoes are of course, way up there on my list of current faves and it’s just a delight that they go with almost everything I own. I feel bad for the pair ’cause they are doomed to a future of over-use. πŸ˜€

What do you guys think of this outfit and how have you been coping with the heat? Are you #TeamSleeveless as well? πŸ˜‰

This was such a happy shoot. Can you tell? I suspect the presence of flowers had a hand in that. Plus my photographer can be such a clown.

I’ve got a really good feeling about this new week which I can’t explain. Lately, I’ve been the absolute worst at taking care of myself and I’m hoping to change that this week. Maybe going on that date is not such a bad idea!

Wish you a lovely week guys. Mwah!



Photography by: Chukwudi Ademu @chuxontop

This post was sponsored by Romwe.




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    1. Thanks Praise! Glad you like the outfit. You already know the terms for getting the shoes nah…your sunglasses collection and your Cobalt pumps. Thanks in advance hun.

    1. Thank you dear. The dress actually came with a belt of its own, I just felt this one looked better. Glad you like it. πŸ™‚

  1. Totally with Praise, at first thought i thought it was a jumpsuit but I’m definitely into the dress. The slit in front is great. Love the dress

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