A Sip Of Ile Ife

Ile Ife signage

Ile Ife signage

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of legs”

-Rachel Wolchin

You know, there was a time in my life when all I wanted to do was read for a living (oh the good old days when we had no worries). I can explain: reading was the only thing I was passionate about and it was at that time when everyone around me was crazy about finding their passion. Apparently, it was because I hadn’t yet discovered blogging. *rolls eyes at self*

Today as I return to Lagos after spending a fulfilling weekend out of town, wind wheezing past and blowing my hair, earphones plugged in, shooting a music video (in my head), all I want to do is travel for a living.

Although I’m now wondering whether I’d still enjoy travelling once it becomes a job.

I spent the weekend in Ile Ife, Osun state and while my mind is still struggling to accept the trip as wanderlust-worthy because it’s just about 4-hours away from Lagos and doesn’t involve a plane ticket, I thought to share gist of my trip with you guys quickly.

I ate bush meat in the jungle.

Hellls yeah! Tell me that didn’t deserve a line of its own. LOL. *carries face*


Okay fine, it wasn’t a jungle. But it sure felt like one because it was just a lone stall in the middle of long extensions of bushes. I wonder how people discover places like that.

The nice lady said the meat was that of an antelope. Guys! I just automatically felt like an explorer. You’d feel that way too if someone presented you with a jug of palm wine to top off your bowl of bush meat.  I didn’t eat much though and now all I’m craving is that meat. I hate that I’m usually unable to eat when I’m excited.how-moji-styled-it-bushmeat-a-jug-of-palmwinehow-moji-styled-it-a-sip-of-ile-ife-7

On a more serious note, something about the trip just reawakened my interest in my culture as a Nigerian and that I love. In case you didn’t know, Ile Ife is said to be the birthplace of the Yoruba culture. Read more about all that native awesomeness here.how-moji-styled-it-journey-to-ile-ife

As I am nearing the final scenes of the music video which I began shooting in the beginning of this post, I’m solemnly promising myself to be more deliberate about my wander lust and stop waiting for life to happen to me. Because life is too short to live with a someday mentality.

So from now on it’s a big “Yes!” to (affordable) group tours and travel deals. Seriously eyeing Calabar like….

Side note 1: Obafemi Awolowo university campus is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Side note 2: The first time I visited was for my 21st birthday a few years ago when I visited the zoo a lion to celebrate. Because, Leo. Tehehe.  Good times…. Hold on, let me go fish out a (blurry) picture.

Photobombed by a lion 😀

Over to you guys! Where did you recently travel to? Or are you like me? A “someday I’ll travel” person? Do share! I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

Love and love!




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  1. I’ve only been to Ile-Ife once but not for fun though, when I was trying to gain admission into OAU. I didn’t have much time for sight seeing but I’d like to go back someday. I love your print top, Moji and you ate an ANTELOPE!!! I thought bush meant just meant grass cutter or squirrel.

    1. He he he he…. Okay, now you are making me feel very badass . The antelope meat was quite fatty, by the way. I thought so too oh @ grass cutters and squirrel.
      Hope you get to eat an antelope too the next time you visit Ile Ife .
      Thanks for your comment dear! ☺

  2. NiceNice adventure… Been long I ate bush meat that is well fried and sauced. Last I travelled was 2014 December. As for OAU, that campus is beautiful especially when you enter the front gate and the long way that leads to the campus is so beautiful..

    Your jeans looks so fine on you.


    1. Thanks Brenda! Chei, you should totally try some bushmeat sometime soon oh. .
      @ OAU, It was just difficult to imagine failing as a student in such a beautiful place.
      Thanks for your comment Brenda. ☺

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