She In || Trends That Just Won’t Go Away

Hey guys! Do you remember when the skinny jeans crept upon us and never quite left?

The first time I saw someone wear skinny jeans, I was in my mid secondary school years (I guess, terrible memory alert). I remember staring at this lady and wondering why her jeans looked so weird and looked so uncomfortable but really cool. Little did I know that this “weird and uncomfortable” was going to be a staple I can’t do without years to come. 😀

I am trying to imagine my life without skinny jeans. Errr…I can’t. But I digress. I’m here to talk about the off-shoulder trend.

So here I am, secretly hoping the off-shoulder is one of those trends, like the skinny jeans that will stick around. Especially as I am beginning to really warm up to it and have built a mini off-shoulder haul which I plan to rock till they fall apart.  Therefore, dear off-shoulder trend, you cannot go away. Not yet. Let me rock my haul. Abeg.

Although I suspect the coming harmattan season will be the one to chase it away for a short while sha. At least in Nigeria.

Speaking of, can we talk about this outfit for a moment? I’m so here for the laidback chic look. The top is from She In and was love at first sight. I didn’t even have to think too much in choosing it (which is unlike me) and I’m glad it looked as good physically as it looked online. You can get yours here.

The dad hat, which by the way is another trend I’m in love with, was a steal from my dad (like the one in this post). I’m sure he’s tired of me stealing his hats. I don’t care very much though.

How about you, what trends are you loving lately? Athleisure? Military style? Exaggerated sleeves? The Velvet craze?

How are you guys doing? I’m finally, gradually getting a hang of all the changes that come with having a self hosted blog. Phew! #NotBeans. How are you guys liking the new look though? I’m still tweaking stuff here and there so there may still be a couple of changes as we go. But I’m loving it so far! Please bear with my indecision. Don’t worry, I won’t make it a trend ! 😘 😉



Styling the classic blue off shoulder tophow to style a dad hat with braids blue off shoulder by she in styling She In off shoulder top off-the-shoulder-dad-hat-styling


Top: She In

Jeans: River Island

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Shoes: New Look

This post was sponsored by She In.

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    1. Thank you Praise. Looool. When you are coming for them, please bring those hot shoes you wore with your brother’s shirt the other day. Plus your sunglasses collection. Thank you!
      PS: We wear the same size

    1. Thanks Tonye! Offshoulder gang is what’s up mehn….
      Cheers to rocking whatever you want, whenever you want it, trendy or not. ☺

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