10 Beauty Facts About Me


Hey there beautiful! 🙂

Been a long minute, no? So sorry I’ve been MIA guys. l’ve been up to my neck trying to move my blog to a self hosted WordPress and boy has that been overwhelming. Random bonus fact: I suck at techy blog stuff. But no excuses though, I’m back now. How’ve y’all been?

I’ve missed youuuu!

Okay, so a while ago I shared ten fashion facts about me with you guys and I enjoyed writing it so much, that I’d since been itching to share a beauty version. Plus, I couldn’t think of a better way to officially launch the beauty category on How Moji Styled It. 😀

Here we go:


I make my own soap.  Phew! Finally got that out of my system. If I didnt write this post, I may have been tempted to shout it from a rooftop or something. Yes, I’m that proud of myself. #VainMuch 😀

Basically, it’s African black soap with pleeeenty of natural goodies (half of which I steal from my mum who is a natural junkie). It contains about 15 ingredients and I always make a large batch that’d last me for at least three months. Budget friendly, win! I think it’s the reason why I never have acne for more than a week. Would you guys like me to share a post on what’s in my bathsoap?


Beauty Crush(es): My mother and Zoe Saldana. My mother because, the woman has refused to age, most people just assume I’m her sister when we go out together and I like the shock on people’s faces when I call her “mummy”. Just secretly wishing for her 50 year old body, mehn. Zoe Saldana because, perfection!!! I love an unassuming badass beauty anyday. Like have you guys seen the movie Colombiana? Did you guys see how badass she was? One day, I will complete my taekwondo lessons and join the league of badass beauties. Until then, I stick by the turning-the-other-cheek philosophy, abeg.


My hair is natural. I know I don’t show enough of it on here though. It’s super kinky and sometimes maintaining it overwhelms me but I love it still.


I used to have really dry skin. Well, that was until I discovered that lotions and creams don’t work for me and my skin prefers oils and butters. Keeping my skin moisturised before I made this discovery was quite a struggle, I tell you. But it’s been smooth sailing oiling ever since. 😀


My nails don’t like cheap manicure. Like I’m not even trying to boast or anything; super gluey stick-ons do not last more than three days on my fingers. Please tell me I’m not alone on this one. For my nails, it has to be acrylic done with proper nail glue and all the works, or nothing. Lord is this a sign? Was I meant to be born an ajebutter?


Lipsticks are my favourite make up things. I have like 13 pieces and I feel grossly underprivileged. And you guys already know of my unhealthy obsession with TAOS inc lippies.


 I used to know how to make hair. Back when I was younger, I had a brief period of intense fascination by all things hair-related. Like I could fix weaves and make Ghana braids and all that. I used to practically beg my aunts to let me make their hair. And then laziness happened.


I collect natural oils. Mostly in order to make my soap as juicy as possible. So far in my arsenal I have almond, coconut, olive, olive pomace, shea, eucalyptus and castor oils. Jojoba and lavender to go.


My favorite fragrance: J’adore by Dior. 50% because the ad featuring Charlize Theron is all shades of dope. Saw that ad and knew I had to have that perfume. Especially as Charlie Theron is mega bae! You guys have to watch it, too much gorgeousness. The other 50% of course is because it smells AMAZING.


I use coconut oil for everything! Cliché I know, but it’s true. Like I mean every!  Skin moisturiser, hair moisturiser/conditioner, make up remover, cooking, etc. I’m sure you can tell that I generally only like applying natural products to my skin.

Sigh. Now I feel like ten facts aren’t enough. Guess I can still sneak in the fact that my Satin bonnet is pink. 😀

Beauty news on the side: the blog is soon to get a facelift. Yaaaay! Can’t wait to do an unveil, that is once I get past the indecision process of choosing a theme.

PS: What next ten facts about me would you like to know? Should we make this ten-facts series our little thing? 😉

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share one beauty fact about you before you leave, will ya? I really want to know. 🙂 Thank you for reading.

Love and love,



Photo credit: Godson Ukaegbu. (@godsonukaeugbu)

Make up: Dorcas Otobo (@dokasotobo)

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    1. Thanks Beth! Okay, I just might make the post because of you. What then do you apply on your lips? Lipgloss? My face just feels incomplete without lipstick mehn…

      Thanks for loving my face beat .

  1. Great facts, Moji. This beauty look is amazing, wish you had more pictures. I love nude lipsticks. And I’d very much like to know how you make that soap. In fact a step-by-step analysis. I’m having major acne issues right now.

    1. Thanks Oyindamola! Glad you like the picture. I had one other picture but I posted it on Instagram instead. Maybe check it out on there?
      Sorry about the acne dear, I’ll be sure to do that post as soon as I can.

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