With A Hint Of Red


Heyo! Happy Eid Holidays! 🙂

How’re you guys spending your holidays?  I’ve been spending mine battling with a funny case of writers’ block (I Instastoried about it) which is currently being amplified by the fact that my neighbors are eating their Sallah meat alone and tormenting us with the savoury smell of juicy fried meat. Whatever happened to good old neighborly love? Have these people not heard that there is love in sharing? 😀

But that’s not why we are here sha.

Don’t you just love how fashion enables one to “be” anything. Do I not look like a proper lady who’s incapable of hurting a fly here? 😀 Please let me know if that’s just in my imagination.

Red is always such perfect accent to a classic black and white outfit. No wonder it seemed so natural while I was putting this outfit together,  to grab my favourite (and only, lol) pair of red heels. Every woman should own a pair of sexy red heels!

I added the belt for a little bit of edge and the red lips because it all just seemed so incomplete without it.

In case you were wondering, it’s a dress, not a skirt underneath the jacket. I have also tucked the dress in a skirt and worn it as a top before. You can check that out here  The versatility of the dress just gives me life. I have worn it so often that it is now lint-ridden. Will definitely be keeping my eyes out for a replacement.

Like my jacket? There’s a story of true friendship behind it which I would have told you guys. But, writers’ block.

Tell me, where would you wear this outfit to? A date? A formal event? Church?

As always, please let me know what you think of my outfit in the comments. Have a fantastic week, darlings! I can still turn up for Sallah meat oh, just DM me. :*

Love you for reading,

Moji. 🙂



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