The Chairlady

how-moji-styled-it-the-chairlady-101.jpg.jpegLiterally. Lol.

Hey yo! How’s y’all doing?

Thought to share my take on the boyfriend-shirt trend (is it still a trend if it’s been around for years?) with you guys today. This shirt actually used to belong to my boyfriend (now ex). I puppy-faced him (yes, that’s a thing) into giving it to me and here we are. #PowerToThePuppyFace 😀

It used to be a tad big when I first got it but that was nothing Ibrahim (my tailor) couldn’t fix. Everybody needs an Ibrahim!

Borrowing from your partner’s wardrobe is one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy relationship. –Moji Ajibona 2016.

Who else thinks I should start giving relationship tips all up in here??? 😂

Anyway, I paired the shirt with my orange shoes (which I also wore here) for a pop of colour and added my printed purse (which I bought for just N200 and never, ever actually rock) to add some character. I think I just might demote it to being just a make-up purse.

PS: Can we take a minute to celebrate my first “choker” appearance on the blog? 😀 Didn’t think I was a choker-wearing kinda girl for whatever weird reasons I convinced myself into believing, until I just decided to give it a go. I liked how it added a little extra something to the outfit.

In other news, NEPA has been splendid in my area lately. Could it be because I’m the new Chairlady/Area Mother/Alaga Ibile. Yes, I’m aware of how ratchet that sounds. No, I don’t care. :p

Want to be a Chairlady yourself? It’s as simple as wearing a boyfriend-shirt and setting up your chair throne right in the middle of your street. Look as mean as you possibly can for added measure 😉

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In other, other news I miss my braids, currently wearing this hairstyle and I am officially bored. Thinking of making braids my signature hairstyle. What do you think? *I can hear my edges screaming “Hell No Madam!” at the thought!* Lol

Have a splendid week guys!!!! Don’t forget to leave me a comment on what you think of my outfit. As an aside, please let me know what you think of girls who wear anklets. Me thinks they’re the coolest ever!

*high-fives self* 😁

Thank you for reading. 😘

Love and a lil’ more,


Photography: Chuks Ademu (@chuxontop)


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  1. Firstly where did you get the chair , I can’t imagine you carrying it out of your house to the street lol.
    Love the entire look and setup , the purse is too cute you can’t demote it to makeup purse at all.
    I’m a fan of anklets, wore them at one point till people started giving me shit for it, a lecturer seized it so I just mellowed on it.

  2. ahh! an Ibrahim will be the best thing that can happen to me right now. And carrying that chair outside was crazy..lmao.. the crazy things we do for fashion.
    I totally love the outfit. We ladies slay men outfit better but they’ll never agree.
    I low key admire girls with ankle ring but the fear of what my family people and another people will say wouldn’t let me..I just can’t deal abeg!
    Happiness is…

  3. Sooo….#AreaMother!!! You’ve gotta have mean looking shirtless muscled dudes in the background somewhere..hmmmn?

    The boyfriend shirt totally works, but you dint mention him for his contribution? Instead it was ibrahim who got the show.
    Brilliant work!!! Maybe I can come and report my landlord?

  4. Aunty Moji Chair lady(lol) I love the whole concept.Still a bit puzzled though, Did you actually carry a chair from your house to the streets?
    Welcome to the choker gang..Big lover of the boyfriend shirt trend, never actually tried it yet. Love everything about this look from the way you style your hair to the whole outfit. Puhlease, give your edges a break oh, no more braids.
    My Style Look Book Series

  5. Hey Moji! I came across your blog today and I liked it already.Good job!!! I really need to catch up on the previous post.

Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts :)