Taking Stock One

Hey, hey….:)

I’ve been seeing quite a lot of these “Taking Stock” posts around the blogosphere and I decided to join the bandwagon. If you’re new to the term, just keep reading, you’ll find out soon enough and I’m sure you’ll like it :).

Figured it’d be a nice opportunity to share more of my life with you guys; something I’m more than happy to do. Plus, I needed a suitable blog post to show you guys my new headshots, photographed by Godson Ukaegbu (@godsonukaegbu on Instagram).

Let’s jump right in!

Sitting: In my make-shift home office -which looks pretty basic right now- and hoping that I’d someday get around to making use of all the home office DIY ideas I’ve amassed.

Wearing: An old baby-doll dress that looks like it should belong to my 13 year old cousin. I wear it around the house all the time and I simply can’t let go of it because it reminds me of that one day when a complete stranger paid for my stuff at Mr Price. He never tried to get my number or anything, just paid for my stuff and went away. I was just…..wow!

Drinking: Water right now. Directly from the bottle. I just woke up and I like to drink water first thing in the morning but I only remember on three out of seven days in a week! There goes my clear-skin dreams. *shrugs*

Reading: “To Kill a Mocking Bird”. I’m only on the 15th page or so and I’ve chuckled at least 5 times. I’m so gonna enjoy this book. Also reading the #GirlBoss book on my birthday wishlist  That’s right, someone got it for me. Thanks hunay :*. Wishes do come true, don’t they? 😀 Best believe I’m going to be putting up a birthday wishlist every year! I also felt so touched that one of my readers and a blogger herself offered me the book in PDF format. Thanks Sogie :).

Eating: Cashew nuts. I’ve almost half-eaten the medium-sized bottle I got just yesterday. I should put it down. This thing is too expensive to be eating like groundnut. *pops some more into mouth*

Watching: Nothing right now. Data won’t let me download any new series so I’m taking it out on books. But I just recently watched the entire Friends series for the very first time and I really liked it! I have decided to devote my leisure this year to catching up on classics, both in film and literature (unless a new season of Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder is out, then forget classics mehn). My favourite “Friends” character swung from Chandler to Joey to Phoebe and then eventually settled on Chandler. Sarcasm and wit always wins for me. 😀 Who was your favourite character?

You can probably tell that I’m totally a series junkie. I just have this insatiable appetite for motion picture that a regular 2-hour ish movie can’t fill. PS: I’m probably the only person in the World not following Game of Thrones: got lost in Season 2.

Needing: more shoesssss, a face primer and a live-in masseuse (must be willing to get paid in boiled yam and egg sauce ’cause that’s pretty much all I eat). I recently got a damn good massage for the very first time and I couldn’t help but conclude that masseuses are underated!

Marveling: at how things always eventually fall in place. All the time. Despite all our worries. And watching that happen for me is so magical. I’m really thankful. Life is magic.

Enjoying: The quiet in my apartment.

Playing: Anti Album on repeat. I’m legit obsessed with Rihanna and I do love most of the songs on the album but that’s not the reason why I’ve been playing it this much. I just haven’t had the time (or data) to download the new songs I like. Currently playing: Desperado; my second favourite track on the album. “Needed Me” is my favourite.

Loving: My new head-shots of course! I feel like the pictures capture the real me. What do you think? Thank you Godson!

Wanting: To see a stage play so bad. I’ve never ever seen one before (except in my head) and I don’t want to do it alone.

Hoping: That I’d learn to be calm and stop putting myself under so much pressure. That constant feeling like I’m not doing enough ain’t pretty. Ugh.

Smelling: The cashew nut in my mouth. I’m gross. 😀

Feeling: Special, guided and thankful.

Knowing: That all my dreams would come true and I’m only being impatient. But this thing should happen alreadyyyyy! Can’t somebody just wake up a billionaire, sef?

Thinking: Of what I’d do with all that money when I do become a billionaire. Shoes, travel and healthy food most def.

Opening: up to new opportunities and so done with being afraid to try new things. I’ve grown up so much in these past few months -forget that attachment to a dress fit for a 13 year old- and one thing I’ve learnt is to “do it afraid!”.

Learning: That it’s okay not to have it all figured out. As long as you don’t stop trying, clarity will come.

Making: excuses for my unfit body. I run up a short flight of stairs and I’m panting. I want to start working out but, I have a well curated list of excuses that I apply as needed.

Wishing: Natural hair would be easier to maintain. Science needs to invent a potion that gives permanent soft, healthy natural hair. Also wishing people would leave Jhene Aiko alone. Haba.

Preparing: for the #TBPBloggerBrunch happening in a few hours. Had a really crazy week and I’m exhausted but I have a feeling the brunch would be fun. Plus there’ll be food and freebies! That’s all I need to hear to get my tired self motivated. And I can’t wait to meet fellow bloggers!

Gotta run! See y’all after the brunch (On Instagram though, so kindly follow me here :*)

I really enjoyed writing this and I’m actually thinking of doing it every month. Yay or Nay? 🙂

Wait, before you go, tell me one thing you’ve recently  been up to ;).



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  1. Hi mojo,

    Love your posts, I would love to chat with you, we are looking for a style/content/marketing manager in my company…it’s an online marketplace for made in Nigeria fashion products.

    Please send me a message

  2. OMG!!! Just can’t get enough of your blog ma’am, and Nah you are not the only one not following game of thrones. Lol.
    Yay! You should definitely take stock more often.

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