My Birthday Wishlist


Whoop whoop!

It’s my birthday on the first of August (About 5 days from now)!

Don’t let that “whoop whoop” deceive you sha, I don’t even know if I’m that excited. Does anyone else dread growing older?

Adulting is haaard!

Just had to let that out. Phew!

Anyway, I had this grand idea to put my wishlist out there for the birthday fairies (read: family, friends and kind strangers). PS: Just in case you were wondering, my blog readers fall under the “friends” category ;).

Here goes:

The #GirlBoss Book by Sophia Amoruso

Because I love reading success stories and this girl looks like a total #badass!


A Phone With A Fantastic Camera

Preferably an iPhone (5s up). Because selfies, flatlays, wristcandy photos, eyebrow game getting stronger….need I say more?

photo via

 These Adidas Superstar Kicks

Always, always wanted a pair of these babies. But my fear of maintaining white shoes been keeping me in check :D. But don’t worry, I’m all grown now. I can handleeet.

Photo via

This Gorg Zashadu Bag

Anything from Zashadu will do, really. They’re that awesome.

TAOS Inc Lippies

Ekocity, Nairobi Fever and Jozi have a special apartment in my heart where they live rent-free, of course.


Sunglasses from Dapmod

I wear prescription glasses and I don’t see how my having sunglasses makes much sense, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Plus one simply can’t resist the goodness that is Dapmod shades.


These Cute Lucy Daves Sandals

This is a cry for help from my wide feet. If we can’t wear thong sandals, can we at least have these?


A tonne of Vintage Rings

Yup, I’d like them in tonnes. #OfficialyObsessed

Photo via @vintagemama on Instagram

Internet Subscription for A Year

You can’t love someone and be having them pay for their own internet. How?


This Necklace from Dammytoms Accessories

One word: versatile


A Camera

You didn’t actually think a camera wouldn’t be on this list, did ya?  I would’ve asked for a tripod+50 mm lens+camera combo but I realise that that would be a little too much longer-throat.

Photo credit: @tonyeigbani on Instagram

So, there! My wishlist. Modest, isn’t it? 😀

Early gifts are of course, welcome. I still have no birthday plans yet by the way (read: no money), so if you have any ideas for a budget-friendly, no, money-free way to spend my birthday, I’m more than willing to hear it while I’m low-key hoping for a miracle. Thank you in advance. 😀

Love youuuuuu,


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  1. Hahaha. Interestingly I like this list. I almost ordered the Girl Boss book today, because I was buying Lean In and it came up. So maybe I’ll order it, and read it and let you know how it goes. Lol. That way you don’t miss out completely.

    Gosh. Pele @ internet subscription. That must be annoying. Those Adidas kicks are on my list as well. I still don’t take good pictures with my iphone 6. SIgh. My game is so weak. I actually want a dapmod shades too! Maybe they’ll dash us one. Lol. And I sort of have wide feet too.

    Ok, not sure how I’ve turned this comment into all about me. I hope you get all of this and many more years of bliss. Happy birthday in advance!
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  2. I want practically everything on this list,I’m not so sure I’m ready for the white Adidas, and that zashadu bag is gorge!.
    P.s I can’t see my photo credit … Why is that?.

  3. Happy birthday dear, wishing you long life and prosperity. Have a fab 21 dear. I completely agree with you oh adulting is too hard and I dread growing old for some reason I just start thinking of all the things I am yet to accomplish.
    Now to your wishlist, I have been crushing on zashadu bags for a long time. That Adidas kicks sha also on my wishlist. I already own two pair of Dapmod shades. I guess I can check that off

  4. Have you gotten the girl boss, cos I have the ebook If you wouldn’t mind that. I feel like I wrote this list lol. Lemme go and wrote mine and pass it out early. October is not far at all. Happy birthday again dear

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