Nude Tones


Have you ever paid attention to the bounce in your steps when you’re wearing your favorite sneakers? Or the slight swing in your hips when you’re wearing your sexiest pair of heels?

If you have, then you’ll agree with me that it’s true what they say about what you wear having a direct effect on how you feel about yourself.

In the same vein, wearing this dress helped channel my inner “Rihanna” in a weirdly exciting sort of way. Well, it’s not like this is anything close to the massive fashion slaying that Rihanna manages to accomplish on a daily basis, but a girl can dream, right? 😀

Aside from the bad-gal vibe I got from this dress, I also love how it clung in all the right places without being over-the-top (explained why I like my dresses clingy in this post) and how it hits just below (or is it above?) the knees to balance the open-back detail whilst still retaining a form of sexy sophistication. Midi body-con dresses always look so sophisticated, no?

I especially  liked the slight measure of risk I felt rocking this dress, seeing as I was beginning to get the feeling that I’d been playing too safe with my style lately. Blame that on the pretentiously conservative streets of Lagos and the leering eyes that tail you, should you dare to wear anything too risqué outside the highbrow Ikoyi-Lekki axis.

But anyway, chic with a bit of edge is something I’m always excited to explore with my outfits and I could go on and on about this dress but I‘m afraid you guys will start to think my own is too much. Hehehe

Style Tip: A simple way to dress like you’ve got this whole “style thing” figured out is to keep your entire outfit to a similar colour-tone like I did in this post. Bonus advantage being that it also gives off an “expensive” vibe. *wink*

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Your turn! What fashion risks have you taken lately? What do you think of my outfit and to where would you wear it? Please leave me a comment below; I always look forward to reading your comments! Thanks for reading as always.

Love and a little more,

Moji :*


Outfit Details

Dress: A gift. The label’s a little too italicized so I couldn’t decipher it.

Watch: Daniel Wellington (Use the code “mojistyleDW” to get 15% off your purchase)

Shoes: Zara

Rings and Bracelet: Thrifted

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  1. Love love your dress and damn girl you got the whole Rihanna bad girl vibe. I love the colours and how you chose to keep the whole outfit within a similar colour tone. Unfortunately, i’m not a risk taker but lately I’m more open minded and willing to rock some risqué outfit.

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