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Hey Guys…somebody’s excited! And yes, I know we bloggers use the word “excited” way too much but trust me, this right here is the real deal!

I got contacted by the good people over at Daniel Wellington to use one of their watches and share my experience with you guys! You can only imagine how thrilled I was when on that fateful morning, while sitting in a painfully slow bus on my way to work I received an email that read “Daniel Wellington Collaboration Proposal”. In my head, the bus became a chauffeured Porsche and the nearby passengers looking at me funny for grinning like an idiot and doing my happy dance ceased to exist. Of course in my reverie, I forgot to collect my balance from the bus conductor but it was totally worth it. Okay, I digress.


In case you still haven’t figured it out, I’m a huuuuge DW fan. Been one ever since I started following Sharon of ThisIsEss (she’s my blogger crush for a reason) and I noticed how gorgeous but incredibly simple her watches always looked. A little background info about Daniel Wellington before I get lost in a long, boring lecture about the importance of hard work and following your passion because this is kinda huge for me as a fairly newbie blogger :D.

The baby steps are finally paying off, eh? *grins*

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand, well known the world over for their simple, timeless and elegantly crafted watches. Their minimalistic, no-fuss designs makes their watches suitable for both sexes and all occasions; from a casual hang-out with friends to a red carpet event, a DW watch fits right in. Talk about versatility!


Daniel Wellington watches also come with replaceable straps which to me, is a fantastic idea as it enables you to easily switch your style without the consequential price tag. Style on a budget, win! Their watches generally fall within the range of $135-$250, but they always have discount codes and promos where you can get a bargain.

I was asked by their warm and courteous representative to go through their website and choose a watch of my liking and I went with the Classic Bristol (36mm) which has a dark brown strap and a rose gold case because the budget fashionista in me somehow managed to convince me to make a common sense decision as I already had a well-functioning black watch. It’s classic and beautiful, made of real leather and sits so deliciously well on my wrist. It also suits my personal style which as I mentioned in this post, is gradually gravitating towards chic and ladylike pieces. I especially liked that it’s lightweight and easy-to-wear; you almost won’t remember you’re wearing a watch.


I received the package in less than two weeks after it was sent and it came boxed in a simple and luxurious looking brown case which apart from the actual watch, also housed a user manual, a warranty card and a small tool for easily changing my watch strap.

The Classic Bristol Watch I chose costs a relatively affordable price of $199 (about 60k-70k ish in Naira at the current prevailing market rate) and in my opinion, great quality well-crafted watches are totally worth the splurge and it’s better to buy one fantastic watch than three fairly good ones that’ll fall apart in a couple of months. I always say that three things you should never stinge on are a great watch, great shoes and a classic handbag but we’ll have to postpone that discussion till much later! 🙂

The good news is; you can get a whopping 15% off your next Daniel Wellington purchase when you use the discount code “mojistyleDW” at check out.

Side note: Ever since I got this watch, I’ve been itching to take wrist-candy photos so if you’re following me on IG (which I hope you are, otherwise please click here to do so :)), you’re just gonna have to bear with me for now. 😀

Visit the Daniel Wellington website to make a purchase and also follow them on Instagram here. They ship free Worldwide and fast too!

What are your thoughts on Daniel Wellington watches? Do let me know in the comments section below! Mwah!

Love as always,




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