4 Simple Tricks for Styling Clothes That Look Cheap


So your favourite aunt just got back from a trip abroad and she, God bless her kind heart, brought you a couple of clothes! Great, huh? Well, except there’s one tiny issue: the clothes look a little….cheap. But you need clothes so desperately and your wardrobe is suffering too much for you to discard any sartorial gifts. Besides, what are you going to tell your loving aunt if she asks why you never wore any of the clothes she bought you?

Whatever the reason is that you have cheap-looking clothes in your wardrobe, here’s the good news: You’re in the right place! I’m about to teach you how to rock those cheapies and look every bit as expensive as a billionaire’s adopted daughter. (A bit of an exaggeration there but just roll with it, okay ;))

Mix Up with the Expensive

As much as I’d like to take credit for it, this is actually Rachel Zoe‘s idea. In her book, Style A-Zoe, the queen of glamour advises that one can get away with cheap clothes, as long as one’s accessories look expensive. So if you’ve got any expensive-looking shoes, bags or any pieces really, pair them (nicely) with the cheap looking clothes and you’re good to go. Got any designer bags and shoes? Now’s the time to rock ’em! No one will notice the clothes are cheap when; and even if they do, they’ll make excuses for you.

Side note: Keep in mind that something can look expensive without it actually being expensive. It just requires the ability to detect good quality.


Throw a Great Blazer on It

This works best if the piece you’re styling is a top or a dress. For double “billionaire’s daughter” effect, get a blazer with gold button; it never fails to give that “expensive” vibe.

Don’t you just love how chic Folake Huntoon of Style Pantry looks in this blue blazer?

Style tip on the side….


Get It Tailored

You’d be surprised that some clothes you consider cheap-looking are really just suffering from, as I like to call it, poor-fit syndrome and getting a tailor to do some nips and tucks here and there can make a world of difference. Clothes that fit properly often look expensive, while clothes that fit poorly look cheap!


Hide under Trendy Accessories

The latest statement neckpiece? Layering on choker upon choker? This season’s graphic clutch? The trendy dad-hat? The edgy loafers? Try them all! (With discretion though…)

Trust me, people will be too busy observing how stylish and trendy you are than notice that your clothes look cheap.


Bonus Trick: Don’t be afraid to use all four tips all at once! Because sometimes, more is more. 😉

And there you have it!

Got some styling tricks of your own? Do share in the comments. We’d love to read from you! And don’t forget to let me know what you think of this post and if you found it helpful!

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      1. Tailoring big time! It just helps so much. Also I’m disproportionate–big butt, narrow shoulders, lol! Good shoes, decent accessories, changing buttons. One tip many women ignore today is wearing a decent slip so the a dress or skirt drapes and moves right. Also another is spending money on properly fitting undergarments–esp the bra. A cheap blouse or sweater will still look decent if the bra fits right. Good tips in your post–I sent it to my daughter (20) too. She’s a gorgeous size 0 but on a budget!

        1. Hmmm…that’s a brilliant idea right there. Never thought of wearing a slip before. Well, my mum used to advice me to always wear one way back in secondary school but I thought it was so uncool. I should listen to her more. *covers face*. LOL. I’ll make sure to get myself one pretty soon.
          And I totally agree with the “bra” tip, especially as I’ve had personal experience of it’s effectiveness. Thank you for your tips :). And for sharing my post with your gorgeous daughter. I really do hope she likes it here 🙂

  1. As in ehn…Me I can’t even be discarding clothes anyhow at this point in my life so let’s just stay to “upping” for now. Lol. Thanks for your comment dear.

  2. Very useful tips dear. I’ve tried out the first one, I always try to style My cheap outfit with something expensive. Thanks for sharing, I intend to try out the rest.

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