Urban Takes Native Out


Hey there!

Don’t you just love the fluidity of fashion? How you can fuse different eras and cultures and create something totally fresh? And speaking of which, what’s not to love about this super-cool Dashiki tee from my good friends at Marco Martinez Clothing?

Is there some kind of Urban Fashion movement going on lately on the social media fashion scene  or am I just the one who’s late to the party? What’s your take on this?

This outfit didn’t take much to style BTW; I wanted a casual and comfy look while letting the shirt be the focus. So I kept everything else (except my watch) to a single colour- black! I’m wearing my old gets-uncomfortable-after-two-hours kicks which I should have given out by now but I feel too badass in them. So, they’re staying :D. I’m also wearing my new Daniel Wellington watch, which I’m in love with BTW and you can buy here. (Use my discount code “mojistyleDW” to get 15% off!)

Style tip on the side: Black and grey, always works!

In other unrelated news, “gorgeous” is my new favourite word. So if you’re on my IG and you post something nice, you already know what comment you’ll be getting from me. 😀 😛

What are your thoughts on my outfit? Is “urban” your thing? How else would you style a dashiki top like this one? Would love to read your comments! :*

Like my top? You can pre-order yours by sending a DM to @Marcomartinez47 on Instagram (or just click here) . It’s 5K and also don’t forget to hit the “follow” button while at it. 😉

Disclaimer: The photos you’re about to see may contain a couple of silly faces. I don’t understand how they came to be and I refuse to take responsibility for them. 😀 😛

Thank you for reading as always :).






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