How To Stay Stylish This Rainy Season

How toEveryone I know seems to have a love-hate relationship with the rainy season. I mean, we all love the cool weather (bonus advantage being that your make up stays put all day), but I doubt that anyone likes to step on puddles or like their gorgeous new hairstyle to be soaked in rain water. Never mind the stress of lugging around essentials like a jacket or an umbrella in your handbag all day.

But whether you love or hate the rainy season, it’s obviously gonna be here for a while and it’s no reason to look any less stylish than you normally would. Try my top 9 tips for staying your most stylish self this season!

‘Cause, where’s the fun in looking frumpy? 😉

Gear Up

Y’all know you can’t be stylish without your essentials, right?  You already know them: umbrella, shower cap, sweater, thick scarves, jelly sandals, etc. You need them to keep you warm and dry. You also need to always be prepared since the rain sometimes sends no earlier warning of an impending downpour. No point “slaying” if you’re going to return home soaking wet, amiright? So, at the barest minimum, have a foldable umbrella and a thick shawl in your bag at any point in time, at least until we’re certain the rainy season has passed. And if you’re used to carrying small bags, you may need to switch to a bigger and possibly stronger one that can contain all your essentials.

Turn Your Essentials To Fashion Accessories

Style is all in the details; it’s in choosing pieces that elicit a “wow” response and who says your rainy season essentials have to be left out?

So, instead of choosing a boring umbrella, why not go for one that makes a statement?

Why wear regular rubber slippers when you can wear jelly creepers?

Why choose a basic black shawl when you can have one in pretty prints?

Speaking of essentials, you should also consider trying the “unusuals” like raincoats and rain boots. You probably think raincoats are so “primary school” but guess what? Designers have made a fashion statement out of them- blame the ever evolving fashion scene- so you can confidently rock one and score style points for being the most fashion-forward person in your neighborhood ;). And of course rain boots are awesome too, especially when styled beautifully.

Try Water Resistant Watches

Don’t just get them, get them in fun colours! (Only if that suits your personal style though, otherwise neutral colours work just fine.) Watches are a style staple; don’t be like some people (me!) who avoid wearing watches all together during the rains because they have trust issues. 😉

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And Jelly Bags Too

They keep your belongings protected from rain while your regular leather bags stay safe and warm at home. Plus, they can be totally cute! Triple win! The last time I visited Yaba market, they were everywhere so if you live in Lagos, you can probably get one there.

Switch the Weaves for Braids

Braids are one of easiest hairstyles to maintain and therefore perfect for this season. So if per chance your hair gets wet, just dry it and oil it and it’s almost as good as new! Weaves on the other hand don’t fare so well and require more time and effort to recover from a good soaking.


Wear Bright Colours

 The weather can be a bit dull and gloomy this season and you know what’s not cool? Rhyming with the “gloom”! What I mean is, neutral colours won’t look as great as they normally do because of the low daylight. Plus white is totally a no-no, because of mud stains and splashes. Instead, try wearing well-paired colourful pieces. You’ll stand out easier that way. Isn’t this why we’re all about the stylish life anyway? 😀 PS: This is not a call to bring back the colour-blocking trend. Let it stay gone, abeg.

Bare the Ankles

Cropped pants are so on trend right now. Which is great because you don’t need the ends of your trousers getting wet from puddles and rain water splashes. It also makes sense to avoid floor-sweeping trousers, gorgeous as they may be, and opt for ankle length trousers. Or you can just roll your regular trousers and jeans to just-above-your-ankles to score the same look without spending a dime. Knee-length and midi skirts are also great for this purpose.


Keep Warm In Style

One thing that excites me about the rainy season is that we get to layer up! Something we couldn’t dare to do in this part of the World, about a month ago when the heat was threatening to turn us to wax. And layering is sooo stylish! Leather jackets, denim jackets, vests and blazers are essential layering pieces to stock up on if you have the budget for it. I’m in love with these gorgeous duster jackets from the5kshop. They come in different colours and they’re just N5,000!



Vitamin C to the Rescue

Sniffs and sneezes can totally cramp your style! It’s a good idea to protect yourself and keep the flu at bay by eating loads of vitamin C rich fruit s. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapes and lemons are just perfect!

Do you have any rainy season style secrets? Do share with me in the comments. I’d also love to know what you think of this post and which was your favourite tip. Looking forward to reading your comments.  🙂



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