Quintessence Fair 2.0


Hey guys….

So the Quintessence Fair happened again!(I blogged about the first one HERE, you should totally catch up). It happened on the 29th of May, 2016 and it was fun and excitement as usual (funny of me to say “usual” ’cause this is only the second time I’m attending. LOL). But it really was fun though. This time, I even got a model to style. How cool was that! Well, it was equal measures of scary and cool, ’cause styling myself was one thing, but styling another person was a whole new ball game which I’m currently working at improving. Y’all please let me know how I did. *puppy face*

Back to the fair! There weren’t as many clothes vendors as the last time but there were definitely more vendors in general and more variety in the items they put on display. Although, prices were slightly higher than the last fair, but hey, the country’s economy has since changed drastically so I guess that explains it. I was particularly drawn to the designer, Gigi Signature‘s pieces so her’s were the pieces I played with the most.

There was also food which smelled so good but I never got to eat because clothes excite me more than food does but that’s not to say that I don’t regret my actions :(. Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t eat. But on the bright side, the music play list, I dare say, was doooope (Hello there, DJ Ocean), although I did most of the dancing alone. I really don’t understand where people get the will power to resist rocking to good music. Lol. Now I’m actually wondering whether I should show you guys the silly video I made of me dancing at the fair (there’s this weird thing I do with my mouth). Hopefully, I’ll make up my mind before I’m done writing this post. But it’s best if you lower your expectations ’cause I don’t dance that good. 😀

It was fun to connect with vendors I’d made friends with from the last fair, and I also made some new friends, although I wished I’d made more effort to meet more people. But you see guys, this networking thing is not beans. This too I’m working on improving.

The venue wasn’t as well lit as I’d have liked so I took most of my pictures outside like I did the last time but I did like that there was a red carpet thingie outside where I could pretend I was a celebrity at the Grammies. Ha ha.

But enough talk, more pictures. Right? PS: There’s like a gazillion of them.

Look 1

This was what I wore to the fair. I was going for “cool and effortless”. Scored or nah? 😀


Look 2

Then I saw this gorgeous kimono from Gigi signature and I loved how it paired so nicely with my outfit. Confession: I may have been a little obsessed with it.


Kimono: Gigi Signature

Look 3

I recently observed that my style is gradually gravitating towards more lady-like pieces. Somebody is growing up, eh? Guess that explains my love for this skirt with Ankara print detail.



Top and skirt: Gigi Signature

Look 4


Jumpsuit: Gigi Signature

Pearls: Ruth 1470

Shoes: Oge’s

Look 5

How pretty is my model? 😀


Look 6

Here, I was going for a “wealthy Hausa wife” look….hehehe


Dress: Gigi Signature

Earrings: Ruth 1470

Look 7



Bag: Hadipee Collections

Necklace: Kayira’s Collection

A couple of other things I really liked…

Bracelets from Ruth 1470
Sandals from Bunmings Shoes and Accessories

I loved the kimono in Look 2 and what the wind was doing with it so much that I made a video of me strutting, Micah Gianneli style….:D.

So I eventually decided to share the dance video. Sorry it’s so short, I had to trim out quite a bit of awkward moves. I don’t want you guys seeing me in that light. 😀

PS: Sorry the videos are a little too vertical, I tried but I just couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Apparently, my video-making skills are still very work-in-progress. 😀

Click through to see some the more photos from the fair.

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I’d like to say big, fat THANK YOUs to all the vendors who let me style their stuff, the organisers who invited me, my model who patient as she was, had zero tolerance for unreasonable prices, to my photographer who was a pleasant surprise, to my awesome friend Oge, who came to help me out and to you for taking time to read this pretty long post! You know you’re gem, right? :*

Okay, so guys, what are your thoughts? How did I do with styling my model? What do you think of the outfits and which was your favourite? I’d also really love to know what you think of the videos. Looking forward to reading your comments. :*

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Love and more love,



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    1. Thank you I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I did have quite a lot of fun 🙂 and I’m secretly hoping you’d be attending the next fair 🙂

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