6 Ways To Get New Stuff In Your Wardrobe When You’re Broke as Hell


Sometimes you’re dead broke (happens to the best of us). Other times you’re just fashion broke (you know, the kind of broke where you have money but fashion is just not that high on your list of priorities because, economy). But whatever your “broke” is, it shouldn’t come in between you and a fabulous wardrobe. You can still give your wardrobe a much needed upgrade with these simple tips!

Have An Exchange Party

Plan a get-together with one or two of your stylish friends who have similar dress or shoe sizes as you and exchange something in your wardrobe with something in theirs. Really simple, isn’t it? You have new stuff, they have new stuff, everyone is happy! BTW, this tip also doubles as a budget-friendly hangout idea so it really is a win, win, win. Can you have too many wins? I don’t think so :D. To add some more excitement, ask everyone to bring a drink and/or some snacks. Add some music and you sort of have a real party. You know this’ll be fun ;).img_20160417_083124.jpg

Raid Your Mom (and/or Grandmom’s) Wardrobe

My mum has three girls. Wanna know what that means for her in terms of wardrobe real estate? Her fashion pieces are now shared with three other girls and many are borrowed never to be returned (especially as we all wear almost the same dress and shoe sizes). My mum doesn’t mind sharing and your mom probably won’t either. Most moms are all too happy to have their kids wear their stuff anyway. And if your mum is fashion savvy, double win for you! Worried that your mom’s clothes aren’t your size? Whatever happened t0 bags, shoes, fabric and jewellery? Please, get to raiding! And never ever forget the power of a good tailor. I once stole took my mum’s ankara gele (head gear) and had a good tailor make it into a nice blouse but that’s story for another day.

And for those of us who still have grand moms, lucky you! It means even more vintage-y wardrobe goodness for you (PS: I’m very jealous of you). One of my goals is to build a wardrobe so classic and stylish that my future daughter can’t resist borrowing from. Who’s with me :D?

The clutch purse in this post belongs belonged to my mum

Go Thrifted

More and more people seem to be embracing thrifting (buying used or second hand items) these days. And who’s to blame them? It can be a gold mine, especially if you’ve got a great sense of style and an eye for good quality. Even more so if you’re into vintage/retro pieces. What I love most about thrifiting is that the pieces you get are almost exclusive to you. So if you’ve got some money to spare, love a good bargain and have the patience for it, thrifting can be the answer to your wardrobe woes in tough times.


Everyone! Ready your weapons! We’re doing another wardrobe raid! hehehehe. This time, it’s the big sisters’ and aunties wardrobes we’re raiding. This would have been my favourite tip but for the fact that I’m the big sister whose wardrobe always get’s raided :(. Is it Karma for always raiding my mom’s? Anyway, you’re more likely to get trendy and modern pieces from your sister(s) and aunties than your mom.  So again, get to raiding!


Re-Purpose The Existing

The possibilities here are endless. You just need to think a little out of the box. You can either find new ways to wear old stuff or you can do some nips and tucks to transform old stuff into completely new pieces. For example, you can wear a tube dress as a midi/maxi skirt, a dainty neck-piece as an anklet, your shirt worn back to front, a boring top tied in the front and worn as a crop top, etc. Or you can make some adjustments and transform a long skirt into a short one, fray the hems of an old pair of jeans, rip your jeans, etc. Like I said, possibilities abound. Stuck? Just google “how to re-purpose old clothing” and I’m sure you’ll get some ideas in no time. You can check here for some more fun ideas.

Notice the Uber Creative way @lisafolawiyo wore a button-down shirt?

Focus on Accessories

When your fashion budget is really tight, buying one or two pieces of clothing may not make that much of a difference to your entire wardrobe. Compared to buying a new pair of trendy shoes, a lovely new necklace or a handbag in a fun colour. New accessories have a way of breathing life into old outfits and if you plan to make the most of a small budget, focusing on accessories instead of new clothes is the way to go. Provided of course, you already have your basic wardrobe fundamentals (post about this coming soon).

My first flat-lay pic. Yaay!

So guys, there you have it! Which of these tips will you be trying? Do share in the comments :). And if you’ve got any tricks of your own, I’d totally love to hear them. PS: Sorry I was gone for so long. Mwah!



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  1. I LOVE this post. So good. My friends and I have done an exchange party before and you are so right, everyone leaves happy with new pieces to add to their closet AND we get some good quality girl time. What could be better?! Also, the title of this post just cracks me up. SO REAL. I feel fashion broke as hell like…every week haha! The endless struggle of having real life (BILLS.) So excited to follow your blog!

    1. Hey Lauren…Thanks for following my blog back! I felt the warmth and “down-to-earthness” on your blog and I knew I just had to follow you. I’m glad you love the post and the title too! I am totally planning to have an exchange party myself pretty soon. Maybe I will share my haul on the blog. Xoxo ☺

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