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Hey guys…Good news alert!

How Moji Styled It was featured on! Yaaaaaynesss!

I’m so excited because it’s our first major feature and you can click here to read the article or I’ll just keep rambling on and on about it. I’m that excited:D.

So here’s why  I was featured (apart from the fact that I’m awesome :p): I was invited to the Quintessence Fair 2016 to give tips on looking good on a budget. Double dose of good news or what :D? Insider info: I’ll also  be styling a model “on a budget” with items from vendors at the fair!How-Moji-Styled-It-Quintessence-Fair

A little info about the Quintessence Fair: It’s a  Lifestyle fair featuring food, fashion, beauty, music and a lot more (*whispers*: They got me at “food”;) ). Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Find out more here.img_20160311_181137.jpg

I hope you guys are coming for the fair. Looking forward to meeting my dear readers. Please don’t hesitate to say hello when you spot me. I’ve begun learning some selfie tricks so y’all better be ready for my selfie attacks :p .

*Walking off into the sunset, basking in gratitude*

Love as always, and see you at the fair. Mwah!


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