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Hey darlings…how have you been? Been a minute, no?

I was working on a super long post to share with you guys instead of this one, only for my instinct to tell me “Nah Moji, the timing isn’t right” just when I was about to hit “Publish”. Sad, innit? But I refuse to see it that way.

Anyway, So I thought to drop this outfit post real quick and also let you guys know that I scored this little shift dress for just N1,000 :D. I knowww….what a bargain, right? It was thrifted though and it happens to be my first Shift dress ever. And I just realised that being a fashion blogger is making me have many fashion “firsts”(Click here to see my first red dress and here for my first leather hat). Perks of the job abi ;).

I wanted out of my comfort zone because I didn’t really have any printed pieces and that was the main reason I bought the dress. The shoes were a gift from my friend Moyin (I mentioned her here in this post and here too). Hope you like the combo? How else would you style this shift dress and to what occasion would you wear it?

Oh, and I have some good news guys! Will tell you all about it in my next post.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment :).





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  1. I love your blog and this dress is really amazing. I can’t really believe you got this dress for 1k, I was hoping like 3k but it’s nice it’s for that price. But u didn’t put the link of where you bought the dress, where did u buy it? I would love to check that place out. Thanks

    1. Thank you so much Beth, I’m glad you like the dress, and my blog :). I did get the dress for 1k o, even I can’t believe it. I got it from a random seller who kinda sells door to door, and I haven’t seen her since :(. But trust me, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for places to get such amazing deals and will definitely share on the blog when I find. 🙂

  2. i love the dress, definitely a good bargain and buy. love how you styled it.
    PS: i’m an avid stalker of your blog.

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