10 Fashion Facts About Me!



My utimate style crush is Zendaya Coleman. The girl can literally do no wrong style-wise (or otherwise sef). I mean have you seen her IG feeds? Slay after slay after slay. She has a way of making the most basic things look uber stylish. I think 50% of being stylish is the grace with which one carries one’s self and Zendaya’s got that grace without being in your face. Swoon!


My Style Blogger Crush is the beautiful Kenyan blogger, Sharon Mundia of thisiess.com (I mentioned her on my Instagram a while back. Click here to follow me on Instagram). Sharon’s got the “simple chic” style on lock down! I love how beautiful her pictures are and her writing is so cool. Guys….It’s suddenly occurring to me that one of the reasons why I like Sharon is because like me, she has a very prominent forehead (same reason I’m crazy about Rihanna). #ForeHeadGangRules #BeVeryJealous #Hehehe


Nigerian Celebrity Style Crush: Please don’t make me choose between my top two: Genevieve Nnaji and Zainab Balogun. But enough about crushes.


Favourite Nigerian Designer: Clan Diaries. Their designs are sooooo me. Practical, classy, simple and chic are the words that come to mind when I think of wearing one of their designs. Dear Lord, you know what to do to my bank account. Amen. :D.


I’m shortsighted but I don’t like wearing my glasses. I only wear them when  I’m trying to make a deliberate fashion statement (or at the cinema or I won’t be able to see jack). I even tried to trick myself into wearing my glasses more often by buying some cute and trendy frames. Didn’t work. I’m just too vain for my own good sometimes. So If you ever wave at me from afar and I don’t wave back, please forgive me in advance, I didn’t see you I’d just rather look cute than look geeky.


Current Favourite Style Trend: Loafers with tassels (or anything with tassels really)! I especially love them in black patent leather or patent burgundy. I have a black patent pair which you guys will get to meet soon enough.


Personal Style Fact: I don’t like girly stuff. Blame it on all the jobs I’ve had that have required smart, action-ready dressing. Irony is, I’m not exactly a tom boy either ’cause I’m so incredibly in touch with my femininity. My friend, Bisola (mentioned here in this post), often wonders whether I’ll be wearing a dress on my wedding day. I dunno the answer to that by the way, never really given it that much thought (see how un-girly I am?). Long story short, it’s pretty much unlikely that you’d ever catch me wearing frills or bows. Unless again, I’m trying to make a deliberate fashion statement.


I like thrifting. Because I love a good bargain and I also love to find near-exclusive stuff. Plus my taste and budget are always singing very different tunes (for now). The solution? Thrifting! The thing I don’t understand though, is why we consider it a shameful act in this part of the World. I mean, you meet someone you know at a thrift store and they want to enter the ground in embarrassment. Thoughts on this?


Most costly fashion mistake ever: Buying a fake human hair weave. The pain is heart-wrenching I tell you. One of the many reasons why I’ll just rather wear braids for now.


I’m currently lusting after: PUMA creepers by Rihanna. 70% because Rihanna is bae.

I rambled quite a lot about simplicity in this post, didn’t I? That’s the vibe I’m getting from my outfit below. What do you guys think of it?

Before you go, please drop one fashion fact about you in the comments section and let’s get to know you better :).

Thank you for reading my post.




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  1. Hi this house of jaka…like u blog,my first time tho.love make ups a lot but like keeping it simple.i love bagggsss nooo am a bag addict,that the first thing I notice in someone’s outfit

    1. Hello Jaka…thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you like it :). I am not that much of a make up person, but it sure would be nice to know how to apply it properly, just for events. And what you feel for bags, is what I feel for shoes. I can’t believe I completely forgot to add that to the post. I feel betrayed by myself. Lol. Anyway, there is still Part 2.

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