My Father’s Hat


Hey there guys!

So my family is split half and half (not in a bad way); one half is crazy about fashion and the other half couldn’t care less. Your guess is as good as mine about which half I fall in ;).

My dad is the self-proclaimed captain of the fashion-loving half 😀 and he always loves it when his girls rock his stuff even though he sometimes pretends not to. Plus, he has one thousand and one hats and he sure wouldn’t miss this one. It’s not stealing when it’s from your dad right? Lol. How y’all like it?

This right here is my current favourite kind of style: Easy and comfy with a dash of femininity and a sprinkle of tomboyish. And it sure was fun to shoot as you can probably tell from my poses.

 Hope you’ve have had a great week so far. Thanks for stopping by and please don’t forget to leave a comment. And share the post too :). Most of all, don’t tell my dad I stole his hat ;). Mwah!







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