Drippin’ in Red || Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration


I believe in love! Did I say that out loud enough? Okay I just thought to clear that up.

In my opinion, nothing beats the sexiness of a red dress. I’m sure y’all agree. When I got this dress, which happens to be my first red dress ever, all I could think of was styling it for a Valentine’s day inspiration post. I hope you’re inspired. Lol.

I was initially going to pair the dress with my nude heels but Cupid (yes, the famous Roman god of love) came by and whispered in my ear saying “red shoes would look absolutely hotter”. And boy was he right! I see you don’t believe that conversation actually happened. Whatever happened to your childhood imaginative abilities?

Some people say it’s cliche to wear red on Valentine’s day and it should be a fashion no-no. I think you can never have too much red on Valentine’s day as long as you style it well. And I hope I totally pulled this one off, did I? 😉

Come end of shoot, I was reluctant to remove the outfit because I felt so pretty and sexy in it. What do you guys think of the look? I especially loved the bow detail on the shoulder of my dress. And my shoes…don’t even get me started in how much I love them.

What will you be wearing on Valentine’s day? Will you be wearing red? Let’s talk in the comments section below. You know I always love your feedback :).

Wishing you love and more love.









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  1. You look like valentine itself.hehehehehe….I still would not be wearing red though, maybe purple or green.lmao. Nice post Mo’!!!!

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