10 Survival Tips for Stylish Girls Who Don’t Have Cars. Yet.

Ever had to control your “slay” because you think “nah…this is too fly for public transport (especially in a city like Lagos?)?”.

Well it has happened to me. In fact it happens to me every day (almost)! I slay a lot easier now that all my wardrobe basics are present (will share the secrets to that later) and I feel bad every time I have to transport my fabulous self via public means. I also know I can’t be the only one going through this, hence this post. So, sit back and enjoy now guys ’cause my days of legging it are soon to be over :D!

1. Wear sensible shoes (no brainer, eh?). Avoid heels or embrace comfy or chunky, low-heeled ones. Also speaking of sensible, you want to buy only good quality shoes because there is nothing as bad as having your shoes embarrass you in public with a rip, tear or a broken heel. Better to have three solid shoes than ten so-so shoes. Feel me?

2. Better still, practice carrying your “real” shoes in yor handbag. Just have a pair of cute flat knock-around sandals for the road and change into the real shoes when you get close to your destination. Especially if you absolutely have to wear heels. No one would guess okada brought you there when they see you in those impossibly high heels *wink*.

3. Always be prepared. Have little things like safety pins, a mini sewing kit, extra tampons or sanitary pads, tissue paper, Advil, a handkerchief, sunglasses and a shoe duster (Because, wakawaka dust) in your handbag. Also, during the rainy season, you should have a small fold-able umbrella and a shower cap in your handbag. Is it just me or is there something incredibly sexy about girls who plan ahead? 🙂
6. Have a mini make up kit for refreshing your make up. You know, after all that sweating. You really just need your powder and lip colour for touch ups. A quick dash to the rest room when you get to your destination will help. Sometimes I get to work before doing my make up at all when I’m running late for absolute freshness.
4. Choose your handbag wisely. I cannot stress this enough. Some handbags in themselves are heavy even without content. Avoid them. You want to keep your carry-around handbag as light as possible. I’d also advise shoulder-friendly handbags especially if, like me, you carry a lot of stuff (laptop, et al) on a daily basis. Tote bags are perfect for this. For a complete guide to shopping handbags, click here.
5. Dress Appropriately: Don’t be the hot chick wearing a blazer in the hot sun or wearing a camisole in chilly weather. Until you have your own car, you want to protect yourself against the elements and you want to be stylish about it. To be on a safe side, as the weather can be prone to unexpected changes, just have a cute shawl (Pashmina, anyone?) in your bag especially on days when you are wearing light clothing. Plus, jackets can be too heavy for you to carry around in your bag.
7. Learn to slay in sneakers. This is the easiest and most comfy way to score some street style points. Keep in mind, there is a difference between wearing sneakers and actually “slaying”. I say this because I see a lot of people wearing sneakers everyday but only few are actually looking stylish. And we don’t want that for you, do we? Check here for some sneaker styling inspiration.
 DSC_1724 (2) (1).JPG
8. Leave the expensive jewelry at home: Lest you become attractive to thieves. Trust me, jewelry thieves know the difference between real gold and gold-coated steel. Nuff said.
9. Your bank account must never ever be empty. In case you are in a fix and you have to do an Uber ride.
10. Always have loose change. So that bus conductors/Okada men will not embarrass you. It would hurt times two when your outfit is on point.
Bonus tip: If cash is really tight and you’re going somewhere you have to arrive in a cab, take a cheaper means of transport halfway through your journey and then take a cab to reduce your cab fare. 😉
*drops mic*
Okay guys, what did I miss? Let’s have fun in the comments.
Love you for reading.

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  1. Dear Moji, You just want to make me fashion conscious at all cost. You make it so easy and basic.
    Lovely lovely. Thanks.

  2. Aww….thanks for the love Lydia. You really don’t have to do it if you don’t like it. You can just have blotting paper or tissue to dab your face in case of oiliness.

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