If you asked me, I’d say the best way to wear a monochrome outfit is to break it up with a pop of colour. And if you asked me again, I’d say the best place to shoot such an outfit is against a colourful background even if all you can find is a red car parked beside some pretty plants :D.

I’m all for hard working style pieces and that’s what you get from a striped top like this one. This top has saved me on so many I-have-nothing-to-wear mornings and BTW, I also wore it here in this post but styled a little differently. I think I finally found my go to I-want-to-be-taken-seriously-at-work style and it’s simply a nice blouse, my perfect black pencil skirt and a pair of pointed heels. Although I think these particular shoes are too brightly coloured for work. Do you agree? What’s your go to work style?

Speaking of hardworking, I’d like to say that there is no lazy piece of clothing in my wardrobe. If you’re in my wardrobe, then you’ve got to be serving me in at least three ways. I’m a wardrobe slave-driver and proudly so. *carries face*

FYI: If you’ve ever wondered why I’m almost always wearing braids, it’s because it’s affordable and stress-free. But mostly because it’s affordable. I can’t stand synthetic weaves and I cant afford human hair weaves. Yet. Because, priorities.

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Let me know your thoughts about my outfit below. 🙂

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