How Moji Styled Christmas!

merry christmas

Hey guys….Happy Holidays!!!




This hardly serves as a Christmas/holiday outfit by conventional standards because it doesn’t have the greens and reds and all the other colours of the season. But can you really get it wrong with black and white? I think not! 🙂 And you can’t blame me for not catching the Christmas bug. It’s not my fault, the bug just refused to come sting me :D.

‘Tis the season of parties and I hope this serves as a good enough outfit inspiration.

For all my ladies on a budget, all you need for the endless parties this season are a couple of pretty dresses  (If you’ve got them sparkly, that’s awesome) and a pair of neutral heels that go with everything. For ladies without rides, let your heels be as comfy as possible and have back up flats in your handbags. You can also wear the same dress to more than one party just try not to Instagram all of the events ;).

Remember to hold your belongings firmly in crowded areas, avoid drunk driving and most importantly, have fun!

Hey, and don’t forget your red lips.

Stay warm (harmattan chills) and safe this holiday season guys.

Love you for reading.




Photography by Chux Ademu (@chuxontop)


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