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Hey guys…

I did some archive raid recently and ran into this shoot from early this year. I’d previously discarded it as not fit for the blog but running into it made me have a rethink. It just suddenly occurred to me that the photos on my blog don’t always have to be perfect, they just have to be “me” 🙂 and I’m absolutely glad I decided to blog them. The outfit kinda reminds me of my style journey and evolution.

About the outfit…

Y’all already know my love for simplicity. And although this outfit veers a bit off my current personal style, I still love how simple it is. Perfect for doing some Lagos city runs without compromising on style.

The idea was to find something to do with these extremely comfy Peter Pan shoes my aunt had bought since forever and she never got to wear. Those shoes called to me and I had to answer to the higher calling. Lol. How did I do though?

 My favourite thing about the outfit is my brown leather box bag; you can probably tell from the post title :). I love its rawness and TBH, I’ve lost count of how many people have asked me to gift them this bag. Of course I’m not giving it to anyone. Its destiny is to be one of those rare vintage pieces my super stylish future daughter will inherit from her eternally-stylish-forever-young mom. Goals, people. Hehehehehe.

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Hope you like? Please do drop a comment on what you think of the outfit. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful week.



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