The Little Black Hat

how-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-11.jpgHey there guys….

It’s been such a while and I really have missed you guys. I’ve just been so swamped with work and life lately. I am trying to get more organised though, with my post schedules. Please wish me luck.
It’s all about the Little Black Hat (LBH) today. Yup, I named it after the famous Little Black Dress just because I can.
So if the LBH ends up becoming a “thing”, just remember that you saw it here first ;). 

It may not be as versatile but I believe the LBH is just as life saving as the LBD and I think everyone should own one. Don’t have one? Here are three reasons why you should:
1. It can add a touch of effortless style to an otherwise boring outfit. Imagine my outfit below without the hat; pretty plain, yeah?
2. It can serve as a saviour on bad hair days. You know how every girl experiences those ever so often.
3. Because your favourite blogger babe owns one. Isn’t that reason enough? Hahahaha #JustKidding
I was gifted this cute LBH by my friend Moyin (Moyin, say hello to the camera ;)) and although I wasn’t particularly crazy about it at first, it eventually kinda grew on me. Enjoy….how-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-10.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-8.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-6.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-5.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-9.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-7.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-4.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-3.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-2.jpghow-moji-styled-it-the-little-black-hat-1.jpg

Newsflash: I made my hair myself! Yup! It was my first attempt at crochet braids and I used Freetress water wave extensions (thanks to my cousin for hooking me up).  It took me all of 8hours to complete and I still ended up not liking the outcome. So much for going to bed at 3am. 😠. Guess that’s life; sometimes you win, sometimes you learn *Kanye shrug*. Now you know the real reason why I wore the hat. :mrgreen:

PS: Notice how in the last two photos, I was carrying a different handbag? It’s called spicing things up a little for my blog readers as compensation for my being away for too long. *wink*

What do you guys think? Did I nail this look or what? Would absolutely love to read your comments.
Thanks for stopping by.

Photography: Chukwudi Ademu. He is on Instagram as @chuxontop. Follow him guys, he’s great.

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