With Love From My Sisters

Hey sweethearts! I feel so mushy mushy today and I’m so happy to be gisting with you guys! Don’t ask. I can’t explaineeet either! Lol. Anyway, How’re y’all doing? I’m at the hairstylist’s and thought to share this look real quick which came together totally unplanned.

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Off With The Sleeves


Hey darlings… Enjoying your weekend, I hope? This is the most restful weekend I’ve had in a long time and I’m just super stoked for the new week. I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with Romwe in bringing you guys this post and when I had to choose a piece, all the common sense arrows in my head kept […]

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A Sip Of Ile Ife

Ile Ife signage

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of legs” -Rachel Wolchin You know, there was a time in my life when all I wanted to do was read for a living (oh the good old days when we had no worries). I can explain: reading was the only thing I was passionate about and […]

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Budget Finds: SLKT Online

Once upon a time (a few days ago, actually), while I was quietly strolling through the streets of Instagram, stalking admiring my Nigerian style crush with the low-cut hair (whom I revealed HERE), I found a “find” (hehe) and my eyes almost popped. 😀 I was so excited to share that I started typing this post almost immediately; never mind that it […]

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The Chairlady

Literally. Lol. Hey yo! How’s y’all doing? Thought to share my take on the boyfriend-shirt trend (is it still a trend if it’s been around for years?) with you guys today. This shirt actually used to belong to my boyfriend (now ex). I puppy-faced him (yes, that’s a thing) into giving it to me and here we are. #PowerToThePuppyFace 😀

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