Life Lately|| Taking Stock Three and Something Denim


Hey there darlings,

Life lately has been well, eventful, for lack of a better word.

Who missed me? 😀

I’ve been up to my neck in quite a couple of new experiences which I’m happy to share.

So let’s get right to it…


Taking: huge baby steps. I’ve been making major changes in my and the biggest of it being the decision to start my own business. Woohoo! It’s equal doses of excitement and fear, fun and work. And this had literally been taking every living, breathing moment of my life. It’s one of the reasons why the blog’s suffered for a bit. The “beans” will be officially spilled in my next few posts. Stay tuned y’all. :*

Finding: balance. One thing I’ve discovered on my entrepreneurship journey (feels so weird referring to myself as an entrepreneur, Lol. Impostor syndrome is a real thing I guess!) is that finding balance is not a goal in itself but a choice we make every single day to prioritize the things, people and experiences that matter to us. I really struggled with this for the longest time, but I sought help (from Google and wise friends) and I think I’m getting better at it these days. So basically, “pace yourself” is my new motto!

Learning: the importance of putting “health” first because nothing else matters otherwise. Not work, not money, not even family because you certainly can’t give and express love optimally if your health’s compromised. Take it from someone who’s just recovered from a severe case of Iron deficiency Anaemia. I normally wouldn’t have shared this but it’s so important to me that no one experiences what I did because it was completely avoidable.

Side note one: If you notice anything strange about your body. Please don’t ignore it or wish it away. That’s not bravery. Talk to a professional about it. Not to scare you, but It’s better to have raised a false alarm over nothing than to end up collapsing in the midst of almost-strangers.

Side note two: Ladies, please consider asking your doctor about taking regular iron supplements, especially when you’re on your monthly period because, us girls lose a lot of blood which may be a struggle to replenish when we’re not eating right.

Reading: “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, You should totally read it too if you own a business or are planning to start one. Literally life-changing! Let me know in the comments, if you’d like me to send you the E-Book.

Also, I just read bae’s book, “Born A Crime” and oh Lordy Lord was it beautiful! It had everything; humour (of course), tragedy, politics, history, love, family, name it! All in one healthy, juicy, smoothie blend. *slurps*  Finished the book in two days and slept at two a.m on one of those days. Was literally useless at anything else till I finished the book. I’m glad I learnt a lot more about Apartheid in South Africa and it was really heart breaking. So happy it met its end. Mandela should have an entire estate in heaven, TBH. Thank you Vincent, for sending me the book.

PS: “Bae” is Trevor Noah. How did you not know?



Fascinated: by cocktail mixing and considering taking it up as a hobby. Only problem I have is, it all ends in a glass which ends up getting gulped within seconds and that’s it! Just wondering if it’s worth it. As much as I love food, this same problem I have with cooking. You spend hours preparing a meal that’s going to be consumed in twenty minutes. Fifteen, if you happen to be my mother’s child. Just. So. unfair.

Enjoying: the beautiful benefits of yoga and meditation. Not having normal people energy lately (side effects of the Anaemia) meant that I now had a genuine (un-lazy) excuse to skip my regular morning skips. (See what I did there?:D) So I decided to take up some less-strenuous wellness activities; hence yoga and meditation. I actually used to do yoga about a year ago, but then I lost interest when I learnt after practicing (without a trainer) for over three months that I’d been doing it all wrong i.e., Yoga without monitoring my breathing. Yeah, I’m fickle like that. Glad I’m enjoying the process once again though, and seriously hoping I stick around long enough to start seeing long term benefits.

Watching: nothing right now, but I finally saw Scent of A Woman two days ago. Starring Al Pacino and one fine boy who probably has grand kids now. There is respect, and then there’s what l have for Al Pacino and his craft. Beautiful acting, simple but beautiful story; it was just the total package. I think I’ve got a thing for old movies lately seeing as this one was released in 1992. Have you seen Scent Of A Woman? Did you too initially expect some heavy female-sniffing activities to occur?

scent of a woman
Fav Scene! If I ever learn to Tango, this movie would be the reason.

Drinking: Ribena. Lots of it. Pretty sure my blood is now about 75.6% Ribena. How will someone achieve success at drinking plenty of water daily when there’s such a thing as Ribena?

Feeling: Confident. These days, I find that I better understand my worth and it’s such a blissful feeling.

Learning: how to use “OK Google” on my android phone. And all I can think is, Where the heck have I beeeeen? Why didn’t anyone tell me it was possible to enter a new level of laziness? TBH, I think it’s safe to now expect technology let me scan my dirty clothes and print them out all washed and ironed. BTW, Guess the first question I asked my Google Voice Assistant? “Does Trevor Noah Have a girlfriend?” Couldn’t deal with the heart breaking response, so I just won’t share.

Listening: to no music. Because I don’t own a TV and/or a decoder and so don’t know what songs are hot right now. Plus, I am not about to commit my data to downloading anything just to find out it’s a crappy song. What’s your current favourite song? Do share. Really counting on your recommendations here guys.

Wearing: turbans. turbans and more turbans. Which is strange because I only have one piece in dark green, which I have worn to death. Random question: Do people still bother to get their hair done in 2017?

Wondering: why it took me so long to write this post and how it ended up being so lengthy. It’s almost as if i had to re-learn blogging. Mtcheew.

Caring: for my new plants, Dave and Anita. Yes, those are the names of my plants. No, I’m not crazy. Yes, if I had a large garden, all my plants would have names. No, I’m not crazy.

Writing: A new “About” page. Check it out here.

…..and that’s about it for what’s been happening in my life lately! 🙂

I can’t leave without telling you about the outfit now, can I?

Remember the denim dress from my 2016 birthday outfit post? I styled it a little differently, popped on my favourite shoes and took these pictures sometime late last year. Because I took forever to write this post, I’ve seen these pictures so often that I don’t even know how to express how I feel about the outfit. Still love it though. Denim on denim is always a good idea in my books. Do let me know what you think! And how else you think I could style this denim jacket/dress.  ‘Cause I just feel like it has so much slayage potential. 😀

Can’t wait to sort my photography issues so I can get back to shooting proper.

Wow! I asked you guys so many questions in this post, didn’t I? Lol. I’m so sorry. :* It’s just because I’ve missed hearing from you. So, please feel free to pick any question you’d like to leave a comment on and let’s connect.

Oh, and have a fabulous Easter holiday darlings! Going to spend mine with the fam as usual.

Be back sooner than you expect! 🙂

Love and Light,



Photography: @Chuxographer



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